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Our soft, supportive, and durable Comfort Mat dramatically reduce fatigue associated with daily activities. By suspending your body weight, joint strain is significantly reduced and this also promotes better posture and circulation. The thick elastomeric and resilient core permanently bonds to our thin abrasion/stain/microbial resistant outer layer through a technically advanced system called thermosetting. 100% one-piece polyurethane mat will never have rolled edges or lose its shock-absorbing properties A no-trip, 20 degree beveled edge is ADA-rated wheelchair compliant The 7-year warranty guarantees your mat will remain comfortable, lay flat, and never separate, bubble, compress, or discolor Puncture, heat, stain, and dirt resistant Maintain with any household cleaner Anti-microbial 100% Recyclable Made in the USA.
Do you have anything shorter than this .63" height?
I only have a .50" height to work with.
3 years, 6 months ago
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