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PLEASE NOTE: Professional delivery and in-home assembly required; please contact our Product Specialist department to order at (800) 537-8484. Soccer fans and pinball fans loved the thrilling combination in the World Cup Soccer Pinball Machine, and now it’s meticulously refurbished to play like new. The game, designed around the 1994 World Cup that was played in America, includes a stadium-shaped playfield, moving goalie, magnetic ball lock, and Magna-Goal Save. Pinball Machine retail price does not include professional delivery charges. A delivery and an in-home assembly charge of $500 will be charged prior to shipment and will be payable directly to the professional delivery service. Please contact our Product Specialist department for more details: (800) 537-8484. Refurbished by the Pinball Company Each machine is disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and put back together with new rubber parts, bulbs, and plastics to ensure that it plays like new Realistic sound effects, music, and a spirited announcer add excitement to every stage of the game A large, hemispherical soccer ball spins in both directions to alter the path of a ball striking it Includes 2- and 3-ball multiball modes Scoring and graphics on a traditional dot-matrix display Originally released in 1994 Ready for free play or coin play One-year warranty and lifetime phone support Made in the USA.
Refurbished World Cup Pinball Machine questions
1) Who has refurbished the World Cup Pinball Machine and what is included with this process?
2) Do you ship to Ohio and if so, what is the charge to ship to 44614?
3) Does the pinball machine come assembled and if not, what will need to be assembled?
4) Is a manual included?
Thank you for your time.
3 years, 9 months ago
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