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    October 11, 2016
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    October 11, 2016
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Create a romantic yet lively ambience in your outdoor oasis with our Vintage String Lights. The glass LED bulbs illuminate any space with a soft, warm white glow. Connect up to 17 strands for 510 feet of gorgeous, glistening lights. Includes 15 bulbs per 30' strand Lead cord measures 18"L 24" space between each light Six-inch tail with connector
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Not as good as we thought,
Date:October 11, 2016
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Date:October 11, 2016
I bought these lights for my husband for Fathers Day.
We hung the lights up and several did not light up. I thought oh we are out of luck all this money. Well we had to take the light out again and pull the tab on the inside of the socket up so the connection would make the light come on. the next day same thing the lights were not lite. I am not happy.
Pros: Appearance
Cons: Durability, Quality