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This Water & Dirt Shield™ Entry Mat absorbs water and scrapes mud from shoes and paws to keep your entryway clean and dry. Take your dog out in a downpour and walk back through the door without a worry. Designed to capture the dampest, dirtiest tracks 100% polypropylene (20% recycled content) fibers can absorb an entire gallon of water per square yard Crush-resistant nubs remove and trap mud from feet Raised rubber border ensnares every drop of water in each mat Slip-resistant backing holds mat firmly in place Suitable for all floor types Absorbs 1 gallon of water per square yard Surface wash with mild detergent or rinse with a hose Note: Do not place on wet floors Made in USA.
Does is show paw dirt?
I am trying to choose between the Carmel and the Black.

I prefer the carmel color but am questioning if the dirt brought in on the dogs paws will show more with that color.

Would the black be a better option?

Thanks -
4 years ago
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