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 Mosquito Sentry Travel Mister
Mosquito Sentry Travel Mister
Our Mosquito Sentry Travel Mister provides immediate, 100%-natural protection, endorsed by Terminix®, against disease-carrying mosquitoes, gnats, and biting flies. The Travel Mister instantly creates a VaporShield veil of protection using double-strength, all-natural repellent (sold separately) that’s safe and nontoxic to humans and pets. Simply place the unit in the area you want to protect, fill the reservoir with repellent, and turn it on Kills and repels mosquitoes (including the aggressive Asian Tiger variety), gnats, biting flies, and other insects; view West Nile Virus map Patented VaporShield technology creates a nearly imperceptible 300-sq.-ft. barrier Read our Sentry FAQ Crafted of durable, UV-resistant materials Optional LED lights won’t attract insects Includes 18V rechargeable batteries; 110V recharger
Will it harm Koi fish?
I have a Koi pond next to my deck, I am concerned some of the vapor produced by this item may get into the pond and harm my Koi, Comet and Gold fish, please advise.
4 years, 1 month ago
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