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    June 14, 2012
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 Clear View Composite LPG Tank
Clear View Composite LPG Tank
Our innovative Clear View Composite LPG Tank is a refreshing change from metal gas tanks &#151 it is lighter, safer, easier use, and non-corrosive. This barbecue accessory features a transparent design that lets you see the fuel level at a glance, so you only refill when needed. This portable gas tank is ideal for grilling, camping, boats, or RVs. Made from advanced polymeric and composite materials, with one-piece, seamless construction Stackable grill accessory saves space, while the valve is fully protected Up to 50% lighter than steel propane tanks Visible fuel level means no more guessing or need for a level gauge Corrosion-free outside and inside &#151 will not corrode your patio, RV or boat surfaces If attacked by fire, this LP gas tank reacts with a controlled burnout, with no risk of explosion OPD function valve DOT and UL approved
Is this LPG tank compatible with your deluxe patio heater?
4 years, 3 months ago
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