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Our Super Chill Insulated Bowls are prized for their polished presence and superb temperature regulating abilities at your buffet table. Each insulated bowl is designed to keep your food perfectly chilled for several hours without ice or condensation. The gleaming, seamless serveware is perfect for summer soirees staged outdoors or indoors. Double-walled 18/8 stainless steel provides maximum cold retention 1-Quart and 4-Quart bowls include black silicone lids Gel-based inner layer freezes like ice and holds its temperature Won't leave messy water rings on tabletops or fine furnishings Place in a freezer prior to use Outdoor or indoor use Hand wash ( view instructions ) A Frontgate exclusive.
Ship date
I am interested in purchasing the 1 qt and 4 qt super chill insulated bowls however the ship dates say 7/3 and 7/30 are these accurate ship dates? I am a little concerned I am looking for these items to ship as early as 6/ 20 if possible.
Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated
Thank you
5 years, 2 months ago
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