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The ALLCLEAR Cordless Mosquito Mister Lantern and NATURALS™ Concentrate deliver proven, all natural mosquito protection up to 300 sq. feet. Use this portable, battery-powered lantern at home, on the boat, or at the beach. It safely and effectively repels mosquitoes and insects by automatically misting the included plant-based lemongrass solution with floral scent. Set on a table or hang from a post or wall (mounts included). Portable, all-natural insect solution (EPA exempt) Safe for use around people and pets Protects up to 300 sq. ft. Automatic mist function controls heavy, medium, or light mosquito activity Mist on demand whenever desired View West Nile Virus map Includes two 12 oz. refills, 4 AA batteries, remote control, hanging loop, and wall mount Each refill provides up to 10 hours of protection
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
All Clear Works,
Date:June 30, 2012
New/Existing Customer:New
Date:June 30, 2012
I am using this in conjunction with several different garden sprays and a Dynatrap in a townhouse neighborhood. I find the mister is needed just at dusk when more mosquitos rise.
There are three problems with it.
Except for a single mist it is entirely remote driven, which concerns me that the remote may get lost.
Also, the spray itself damaged nearby hydrangea. Some warning should have been provided as far as spray pattern and foliage.
Also, when will product desighners realize that not everyone has a specialty tool like an offset screwdiver handy? The placement of the hanger mounting screws could have been a lot easier if the screw holes were placed when an ordinary screwdriver could reach it and if the screws themselves were not miniscule. Value engineering (and cheaping out) triumphs over user-friendly once again.
The benfits outweigh the problems however and I am glad I purchased it. Two sprays after the first bite and the area is mosquito-free.
Pros: functionality
Cons: cheap design
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Our Conceal ® Mosquito-repellent Candles inhibit the odor receptors mosquitoes use to find prey without offending human odor receptors. During field trials in Florida swamps, people experienced 75% fewer insect landings Candles are clean-scented Contains linalool — a safe, natural substance that disorients mosquitoes and inhibits the receptors they use to find prey Place one candle every 12 ft. Neutral ivory color 6" candles are sold separately or in a set of six; 8" candles are sold separately When paired with our mosquito-attracting trap, candles help to create a push-pull effect and a more complete defense against disease-carrying insects.

6" Mosquito Repellent Candle

You show two candles in the photo.
do you get two candles if you select 1?
3 years, 4 months ago
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