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 Set of Two Pro Series IV Spotlights
Set of Two Pro Series IV Spotlights
Proudly showcase your landscape with our Pro Series IV Solar Uplights and Spotlights. With an improved broader uplight beam and a more focused spotlight beam, these lights continue to advance the high quality of the Pro Series IV line. Dual knobs securely position the lights in place, so the beams shine precisely in the direction you want them. The crystalline solar panel and lithium phosphate battery ensure maximum run time even after a cloudy day. Remote crystalline solar panel charges a lithium phosphate battery Two high-efficiency 45-lumen LED lights provide run times of either 6 or 10 hours Battery has a lifespan of 35 years (LiFePO4 | 18500 | 3.2V | 1000mAh) Cast aluminum, weatherproof housing Beautiful bronze finish Professional-grade glass lens 6" in-ground stakes for stability Battery life is up to 2 years; conditions may vary Note: Place the panel where sunlight can be optimized. The lights are connected to the panel with 20-ft. wire and should be placed at least 5-ft. from landscaping or other objects for maximum effect.
Is it possible to get replacement parts?
I have several sets of the Pro Series IV Spotlights. Our landscaper's line trimmer appears to have ripped off the wires from the plug that goes into the back of the solar panel. The wire was pulled off just where it enters the plug so it cannot be spliced back together. Is it possible to purchase new wire sets for these units?
2 years, 10 months ago
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