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 Mosquito Magnet ® Executive Insect Trap
Mosquito Magnet ® Executive Insect Trap
With our Mosquito Magnet ® Executive Trap, you can reduce the population of disease-carrying mosquitoes and other pests in your yard without harsh chemicals or sprays. Patented CounterFlow &#8482 Technology expels plumes of C02 (what humans naturally enhale) to attract insects, helping to protect your family as they enjoy the patio or playground during warm seasons. Cordless, odorless, and silent long-term solution operates 24/7 Perfect for larger grounds; protects up to 1 acre Noticeable results in one week; allow four weeks for significant results Addition of R-Octenol and Lurex3™ (effective on Asian tiger mosquitoes) attractants increases effectiveness Traps and kills mosquitoes , gnats, biting flies, and other insects; view West Nile Virus map Easy-to-read LCD panel and user settings Automatically powers down in cooler weather; re-starts in warmer weather Rechargeable battery included Includes 3 attractant cartridges, 3 CO2 cartridges for clearing the fuel line, and 1 replacement net 18 month limited manufacturer warranty Requires 20-lb. propane tank not included Please specify Octenol or Lurex Attractant .
I just purchased the Mosquito Magnet Executive Insect Trap (Octenol)
When ready for replacement, will I need ALL 3 of the following items:
Mosquito Magnet R-Octenol Attractant
Mosquito Magnet Lurex Attractant
Mosquito Magnet Quick Clear Cartridge
3 years, 6 months ago
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Chester Township, NJ, USA