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With minimal effort and no hooks, our Double Door Garland Hanger lets you instantly trim every interior or exterior doorway with holiday greenery. Simply adjust the hanger to the width of the doorway, position inside the doorjamb, and push up to lock the hanger in place. Displays faux and live garland inside your home or outdoors Goes up easily, in less than a minute Holds 20 lbs. No need for nails or screws Ornamental design accents your decor Spring-tension, thick rubber mounts protect the doorframe Bronze powdercoated iron assures safe outdoor use Some assembly required.
How could I use these double-door hangers on a door that is wider than the maximum extended width?
I would like to use these hangers for my garage doors, but my doors are wider than the maximum width of the garland hanger. Is there any way possible to increase the width - for example, by inserting an additional hanger bar?
4 years, 8 months ago
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