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    February 12, 2013
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 55" Frontgate TEC Infrared Grill
55" Frontgate TEC Infrared Grill
The Frontgate by TEC Infrared Grill utilizes 100% infrared energy to ensure that meats stay tender after cooking and retain up to 35% more of their natural juices. From steakhouse-quality filets to thick, mouthwatering pork chops to skewers of succulent shrimp – we loved every single meal we prepared on this innovative grill. Constructed in the USA of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel Double-wall hood construction reduces heat loss and guards against discoloration Two 16,000 BTU stainless steel burners reach temperatures up to 800°F Capable of reaching searing temperatures in just 7 minutes Virtually nonstick, 304 stainless steel cooking grates Radiant-glass panels block flames and moisture-robbing hot air from reaching the food Self-cleans like a residential oven, so cleanup is fast and easy 50% more energy efficient than traditional gas grills Includes push-button electric ignition, removable drip tray, warming rack, and nonstick cooking grates View warranty Made in the USA.
do two side shelfs come with this grill
3 years, 7 months ago
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