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Our German-engineered Gigaset Touch Screen Phone System is the perfect blend of high-end design and intuitive functionality. It combines DECT 6.0 technology with an advanced touch screen interface and the convenience of hard keys for dialing and other primary functions. The large 2.4" touch screen displays a customizable idle menu with up to 6 touch points for your favorite functions Groundbreaking High Sound Performanceâ„¢ audio ensures that voices sound as clear as an in-room conversation Extended range lets you talk and roam without losing the connection Digital encryption ensures all calls remain private Includes 500-name address book and 17 ringtones Expandable with up to five additional handsets on one phone line Includes AC adapter 120V Made in Germany.

Does this phone system include an answering machine

Product description only lists "other primary functions". I'd need this phone to also serve as an answering machine for my home. Will it?
2 years, 2 months ago
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Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA